Sirr D'Kay
Record Producer - Film Director



Sirr is a Danish record producer, rapper and film maker. He is the founder and current CEO of Kbh All Stars and All Star Studio. He started producing & writing music at an early age of 13 in the year 2000. He's been active in the music business since 2004 with his first release. In 2003 together with his old friend Prins Frederik, they formed the hip hop group Ripz, with friends from school/neighborhood and began writing and producing new experimental material called Hip PoP.

In 2004 they released their debut album "The Beginning", recorded in only 2 weeks which included 10 new originals and 9 remakes, remixes & skits. Sirr decided to retire as rapper, and concentrate on producing and managing artists like Haider and 8Ball in the following years. Gradually he worked more & more in the film industry and found his new passion: Making music video's. He's now the proud owner of his new filmproduction company Seebra Films.

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